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Updated: Jul 4, 2022

“As you know we’ve experienced the lost of some business. It’s forced us to make some hard decisions and we’re letting some people go. Unfortunately your role is among those being eliminated.”

Eliminated... Eliminated... Eliminated… tough words to hear regardless of the fact you knew it was coming or you’ve been interviewing. Being laid off is a life slam and it hurts, especially in a business that is almost always 50-60 hour weeks, working on Christmas Eve, and during your ‘Unlimited’ PTO. How can I be eliminated? Funny how you’re told your “role” is being eliminated, but you hear, “you” are being eliminated. I’m here to say let that shit go!

Layoffs in advertising are sadly part of the norm and the sooner you accept it and flip the game the better you will be professionally and emotionally. Yeah, my Yogi tea bag message this morning was “Say it straight, simple and with a smile”.

I’m writing about this because 72andSunny laid off a bunch of great people this past week, over 60 in all, roughly 5% of their US talent. Having been in leadership at 72 and part of my share of layoffs over the years, I’ve seen what it does to the culture and morale. People feel like crap. Those who’ve kept their jobs feel scared and guilty, and the ones laid off, well they were laid off.

I want the people who were let go to know you will be fine. In my experience, you will be better. Don’t take it personally (don’t you hate when people say that?). But really, let the “why me” go! In fact take a few minutes to watch this video.

Trust me, you will smile and you will actually feel better. Then go enjoy your weekend, since you probably haven’t had a whole weekend off in a while! #letthatshitgo #hailstormio

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