Hailstorm is comprised of a diverse group of industry experts that bring a wealth of experience and relationships to any project large or small.

We are uniquely positioned to scale, deploying senior level resources to match the changing needs of our clients and their projects.

We have business minds and creative hearts. We geek out over trademark and copyright law, but our North Star is to partner with clients to help to get the best creative work possible out into the world. 
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Michelle’s childhood ambition was to be one of the Fly Girl dancers on “In Living Color”. Ah what might have been? She certainly would have given J-Lo a run for her money, but Hailstorm’s clients are fortunate she chose a different career path. Make no mistake, she still has the moves, but these days usually for an audience of just one

(her husband).


Michelle’s resume is essentially a list of some of the top creative shops in the ad business. An entrepreneur at heart and at times disappointed by the lack of value placed on business affairs in the traditional agency environment, she founded Hailstorm with the goal of elevating the practice while providing a broad range of services for small to medium sized creative shops and brand’s in-house agencies.


While not busy modernizing an entire advertising discipline, you’ll find her enjoying great food and wine, French bubbly, and dreaming of a return trip to Italy, Lake Como perhaps?


PERSONAL MOTTO: Be nice and do the right thing.

POCKET TALENT: She has elevated the packing of a suitcase into an art form.

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