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REDFIN - "Magnet"

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

Here’s a fun spot from Redfin!

I must say - when I learned we would get the opportunity to work with Redfin directly I was super excited. I’m obsessed with real estate and probably on their site daily looking at listings.

I truly believe they are redefining real estate for the future. Gone are the days of lack of information and high broker fees. Redfin pulls everything from the MLS, so you don’t need a broker to access information. They also offer a 1% listing fee when you buy and sell, when traditionally it can be up to 3%.

While the commission might be less for the brokers, they are provided with a steady salary and benefits, which traditionally has not been done in real estate. Overall, they are pushing the boundaries in this category through the use of technology, aligned incentive structures, and access to information. #hailstormio #modernBA

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