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Updated: Jul 4, 2022

The Super Bowl Ad Meter results are in and everyone is celebrating their proud ad moments. Yes, I just said "proud ad moments". Lots of great work this year. Of course I always look at it through a BA lense. Some serious BA skills went into much of the work we saw. Heavy celebrity talent, big music, stunts like NFL 100 years and lots of movie/IP references. Of course everyone's clear favorite, and the most substantial win in my opinion, as well as Ad Meter, Ad Week, and just about everywhere else, is Jeep’s Groundhog Day with Bill Murray.

If I had a dollar for every time he was in a creative deck and I had to tell people know that he doesn’t do brand work and is impossible to reach, I’d have a lot of dollars. Here it is again for the .0001% of you who haven't seen it! Or just want to watch it again! ;)

This year all the stars clearly aligned for Jeep… Groundhog Day on the same day as Super Bowl Sunday, Bill Murray agreeing to do it, and getting the whole thing shot and on air in about 8 days! Here’s a great piece on CNBC that tells the whole story. Incredible!

I imagine once he said yes all the other necessary approvals fell into place. Wondering if the film props and Punxsutawney Phil had to be recreated or if they live in some storage locker somewhere?

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