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Updated: Jul 4, 2022

One of the most unexpected, but awesome benefits these last few months, since leaving my job at 72andSunny, is that my time is my own. When I was doing the daily grind, that I loved on most days, and despised on others, I never had time for fun creative endeavors, or reading a book, or hitting the gym for that matter. I’d plan with the best of intentions to take that class, so I could do this cool thing or that, but there would always be some “advertising emergency” to get in the way. What IS an “advertising emergency” anyway?!

So with the gift of all these extra minutes, along with my husband (the Swiss army knife of all things creative), we decided over a bottle wine that we should enter my Chipotle Turkey Chili into the 3rd Annual Chili Cook-off @Ponysauraus Brewing in Durham! We have some cred in this area if you all remember The Soup Bar? Ok now let’s all forget The Soup Bar because we don’t like to talk about it without a drink in our hand.

If you know us, you also know showing up at a crowded event with a crock-pot is way out of our “people” zone. But this is our year of “why not?”, so we went into execution mode and over the span of a couple of days created the “Fck I Wish I Made That Chili Company”. A fake hipster chili company. Peter did all the branding, including our over the top marketing efforts at

On Sunday we brought our A-game to the cook-off and though we didn’t win, we know if there was a category for best branding and execution we SO would have taken that trophy home! Maybe next year! Thanks to all that followed us on Instagram. xo

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