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BA Teasin'

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

The Big Game is almost upon us. And with that, the big money ads (about $5.6 Million for 30 seconds). Nowadays, the weeks leading up to the big day are filled with teasers that give us for-the-commercials-folk a sneak peak at what's to come. I think I'm most excited for Dorito's at the moment. The teaser below is already a work of art. But there are some other great spots in the mix, and sure to be some surprises as well.


Dorito's has been on a roll with their Super Bowl presence for years, and it doesn't look like any of that is set to change for SB LV. Rolling out the teaser below of Sam Elliot giving a monologue style delivery of Old Town Road, Dorito's has shown us a glimpse of what we can expect from their partnership with a 2019 Academy Award Winner and the Record Breaking #1 Billboard hit.


Cheetos has tapped MC Hammer for this year's spot.

Using true to consumer insight, they have been able to give us a teaser that resonates with their customers' experience, and builds it back in as a fundamental reality or what made the legendary artist what he is today.


There's a wicked rippa by tha ha'bor!

While the Pats might not be at the big game this year, Hyundai has made sure that New England still makes an appearance. Taping Boston natives including Chris Evans, John Krasinski, Rachel Dratch, and former Red Sox player David Ortiz, Hyundai has quite the star studded cast lined up for the big day. Check out the teaser Dratch and Big Papi below.

Bud Light

Following the spiked seltzer craze, Bud Light has introduced Bud Light Seltzer and is planning to make a splash with the Mayor of Seltzer, Pennsylvania.


Olay is planning to “launch” something at this year’s big game with an all female crew.

We’re still not sure why Olay is going to space, but I guess we’ll find out soon enough!


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