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BA Believin'!

Come belly up to the bar with me while I sip on the BA Kool-Aid during this dry January. Or for some: I tried, January?

We, at Hailstorm, have a weekly social hour. It's a nice way to wrap the week and keep the love and culture alive within our remote-by-design model. We have a different topic or game or work-share each week. One of our recent was grounded in, "Why or How BA?", which is one of my favorite windows into our souls. 'Cause we didn't grow up answering that age-old question, "What do ya wanna be when you grow up?" with, "I wanna be in Business Affairs!" There were no BA booths at the job fairs. There were no BA classes in college. So yeah, Why or How BA?!? The answer is unique for everyone. For me, I was sitting in a teaming room late one night, working on a media plan for a new biz pitch when someone with whom I'd forged a new relationship while on a side project came walking by and popped her head in to say, "Wanna come over to our group?"

The more I learned about all the itches this discipline scratched, I was sold. You mean, I get to:

  • Strategize with creatives

  • Find the popular track that punches

  • Land the perfect celeb partner

  • Be a lawyer without being a lawyer

  • Learn 20 new things a day, every day...

Which translated to having anecdotes like:

  • Did you know 'Onesie' is a trademark?!?!?

  • Coaxing celebs out of trailers

  • Geeking out with the best colleagues a girl could ever have over union negotiations and infringement cases

  • Taking verbal beatings from creatives and agents alike

  • Writing a verse to a song we were reimagining

  • Solving AD-mergencies while breastfeeding my baby... And then my other baby...

Gosh, it's a wonder why anyone would ask "Why" at all, but rather, "WHY NOT?!" So yeah, I won't stop believin and I'll hold onto this feeling. Cause hip hop BAaaaaa hooooooo heeeeyyyyyyy all day every day, baby. A HUGE ‘thank you’ to @SuzanneWieringo for changing my life in the most unimaginable way, and for @MichelleMcKinney and the entire @Hailstorm team for keeping me BA Dreamin and Believin. Hoping this inspires you all to share your Why or How... #hailstormio #whyBA

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