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It was the ‘dumpster fire’ of 2020 and there we were, a young company wondering what we could do to stay busy, stay sharp, and stay afloat. We saw all these huge companies donating cash, supplies, even manufacturing PPE. While we weren’t in a position to do any of that, instead we thought we could contribute what we have in abundance: knowledge


Throughout my career I’ve been the ‘bat phone’, answering those random BA questions for other BA folks and Producers. I realized that all these little nuggets of info have value.  So at the beginning of April 2020 we kicked off a weekly “Did You Know?” social series. We hoped it would provide our industry friends a little piece of random knowledge to tuck away for another day, not to mention give them the opportunity to be a total delight at their next social gathering: ”Did You Know that Rudolph’s red nose is trademarked?!?!” Hit of the party, I’m telling ya!


Now, over two years later, we’re all still tending to the (thankfully dying) glow of that dumpster, Hailstorm is turning the corner into year five, and we’ve posted over 120 Did-You-Knows! This ‘best of’ digital  book is a collection of 52 of our favorite BA tips 'for good', made even 'good-er' by you! Your purchase will be matched by Hailstorm 100% and donated to the National Women’s Law Center because, well, women need support more than ever these days. 


Thank you for giving with us and happy holidays!

Michelle McKinney

Founder | CEO

Hailstorm LLC

Did You Know - BA Tips for Good - 2022

  • Upon purchase this book will be available for download as an E-Book (.epub) that you'll be able to open on most e-book readers. You'll also receive a download link by email.

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