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Thanks to Quentin Perry for sharing this recently overheard water-cooler-conversation!

"Hey, Do You Know that new girl over there?"

"Uhh... Do you not recognize SAG-AFTRA after her ‘22 contract glow-up?"

"No! Really? Wow. She seems so modern.. yet approachable."

"Right? The new flat rates, the digital makeover, the OPO zero…"

"You mean the One Production Only agreement that gives non-sig agencies and advertisers temporary signatory status under the Commercial’s Contract, so they can hire union talent, work with celebs, and low-key test-drive sig status for up to three productions? That’s sort of “Non-Sig With Benefits” on a three hole punch card!"

"Exactly! Well SAG’s like, 'This new agreement. Yes. Love it. Slays. This is lit-er-ally everything, and I want everyone to try it.' And then DO YOU KNOW what she did?"

"Gurl. What did she do??!?"

"She reset everyone to zero. As of July 1st, everyone…EVERYONE…gets three OPOs. Even if they maxed out under the last contract."


That ‘22 Contract hits different!!

I think I’m here for it."

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