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New Sizzle Reel

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

100% Hailstorm

When you venture out on your own, often the only work you have to show is work you did for other companies. It took 2 years, one of which was 2020, but I could not be more proud to share Hailstorm's new sizzle reel! 100% Hailstorm BA! So incredibly grateful for the opportunity to work with such creative people and amazing brands. And so grateful to my team who all share my passion for getting great work out into the world.

I know this is sounding like an Oscar acceptance speech but, shout out to @SoStereo as well for the badass music track. If you aren't familiar with their platform for searching and licensing cool indie artists you should check it out! The track is, "Shuffling", by North Carolina's own, @LaurenLight. Awesome talent! Check her out too at!

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