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Updated: Jul 4, 2022



I often find myself imagining being at the BA wheel on specific pieces of work that I had nothing to do with. I’ll see something and a laundry list of thoughts run through my head... how did they get [insert A-List celebrity] to do that? I wonder how much that track cost? Damn, that’s a sh*t ton of content to clear. Sometimes, I am grateful to not have actually been part of it and other times I wish I had been.

As is their long-time holiday tradition, this just released heart tugging campaign for the UK department store John Lewis & Partners created by Adam&Eve/DDB is one I wish I’d been part of. The beautiful visually told flashback story through Sir Elton John’s life playing piano with the track “Your Song” got me and I’m not “gotten” easily.

The BA on this must have been complicated. The whole campaign centered around one of the most famous musicians in the world, a massive amount of talent, multiple sets and different time periods which means clearing quite a bit of wardrobe and props, not to mention all of content of various Elton John shows that included crowds of people you could never clear. Luckily, the British are far less litigious than US folk.

While it had to be quite an undertaking all around, the opportunity to work with such a legendary artist and be part of making such a beautiful piece of work would have been worth the hundreds of hours it took to get it live. Great work @aandeddb and @JLandPartners. Please hug the BA partners you worked with! #BAdreamin #HAILSTORM #eltonjohnlewis

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