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BA Dreamin' for the Holiday Season

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

I will begin by saying that I have worked on many beautiful snowy holiday (also known as ‘seasonal-in-the-union-space’) car spots where husband or wife surprises their better half with a new car, topped with the requisite red bow, in the circular driveway of their $5MM house. Where do you even buy a bow that big?

A departure from the stereotype, I love this Audi holiday spot produced by @mh_vccp. The unexpected yet simple story of Santa wanting to get fit and drive a shiny red Audi. Definitely a New Year’s goal I’ve had more than once. Even Mrs. Claus, (though I’m sure this Mrs. Claus goes by ‘Ms.’) is not the usual round and cheery, in-service-of-Santa wife.

From a BA Dreamin’ standpoint… no celebrities, but a great cast of characters — no popular music track, but awesome composed scores — no UGC, impossible to clear IP, or violence to get past the networks — simply a beautifully shot and heartwarming spot. I love a good long form! My only wish as Santa drove off… that Rudolph was in the passenger seat working out the nav and the tunes! Great BA @JuliePetruzo #NewSanta #BADREAMIN#HAILSTORMIO

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