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Apple Watch Series 7 - Hard Knocks

It’s been a minute since we posted our last "BA Dreamin’", but I love the new Apple Watch spot “Hard Knocks” so much I had to call it out.

To preface, I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with Apple. I worked BA on Apple multiple times during the course of my career, first at Chiat/Day (yes before the TBWA part happened) when Steve Jobs was often around the agency and the mantra was “Good Enough is not Enough”. That energy was an equal mix of brilliant excitement and absolute fear. The work, while incredibly challenging, is something I am proud to have been a part of. It pushed boundaries at the time and was always visually beautiful. I also credit these years for instilling my view that BA is a creative discipline. After all, it is BA's job to help get the best possible creative work out into the world.

In addition to working on the business, I’ve also been a loyal consumer. My daughter’s boyfriend is an engineer at Apple as well, so there’s that ;) While I’ve not kept a running tally, I have to believe that over the years I’ve spent enough on Apple products to purchase a really really nice car!

Anyway, back to “Hard Knocks”! Sure, I can appreciate the creative brilliance of the spot, showing both visually and lyrically how durable the Apple Watch is, but damn, check out the BA! The crazy number of vignettes with so many people, including minors, animals, stunts, pyrotechnics, wrestling outfits; the list goes on. In addition, and the best part of the whole spot in my opinion, is the music. Jack White is not an easy get and then there’s dealing with the Elvis Presley estate. I want to personally recognize the badass BA folks who worked on this spot. I can only imagine the business affairs blood sweat and tears endured to get this beautiful piece of work out into the world. Awesome work! #hailstormio #BAdreamin

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